People of Interest


  1. ZOPA - Peer2Peer Lender Zopa is a personal finance peer-to-peer lending company based in London, UK.

  2. Funding Circle - Peer2Peer Lender Peer-to-Peer lender Funding Circle with the highest Return on Investments. Started in 2010

  3. Quotations - Inspiring Quotes Some useful Phrases from notable women & men throughout history

  4. Helen Adams - Textile Designs Freelance Textile Designer and Painter

  5. John D Wood - Real-Estate in London London (UK) located property developer

  6. TGN Coaching - A New Approach - Opera Singers TGN Coaching uses a new approach to help you gain confidence when speaking publicly - vocal training by an opera singer.

  7. Jokes - Jokes from around the Interwebz Humour from around the world

  8. Fashion Fashion is about expressing our identities, showing people who we are through our choice of fashion and using our clothes to tell others something about us. Part of choosing ethical fashion over other fashion brands adds another element to what fashion means to us and what we choose to express to others.

  9. Peter Blue - Software Developer Business networker, Investor and software developer. Lives in Kent and London.

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