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voice training
Opera singers, by their very nature, need to have a strong, powerful voice so everyone at the back can hear them. So who better to train you to have a more confident presence when speaking in public. Opera is a high energy form of singing, with huge physical requirements, involving projecting the voice to the back of a theatre, over an orchestra and without any amplification. Therefore opera singers have to undergo very specific training, including specific breathing techniques, often taking years, to ensure they can meet these extreme demands.

TGN Coaching is one of the few networking workshops in London that employ a real-life opera singer, Katerina Mina. She along with Victoria Salem formed TGN Coaching in 2019. This expert duo can cover both aspects of successful business networking. Victoria can handle the event management, business networking and communication, and Katerina can handle the vocal training and public speaking and presentation. Together they also cover a wide range of subjects including getting the best from LinkedIn, enhancing your online presence and increasing personal confidence. All these will set you apart from the crowd.

TGN Coaching offers tailored training to suit your requirements.

  • The art of networking. Become an expert networker, create great first impressions and build lasting business relationships.
  • Business networking and communication. Become a great networker and communicator.
  • Events and lead generation. Successfully attend events and generate leads.
  • LinkedIn and online presence. Successfully use and get results from LinkedIn
  • Presentation and public speaking. Take on the challenge of public speaking and get your message across.
  • Personal and professional confidence. Take control of your life and projects.

They also offer one-to-one coaching. These can last from one hour to two hours.

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